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Just because the internet was made by nerds doesn‘t mean you need to learn geekspeek to get your website up.

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Under Our Care

Coopervision Singapore

We have been appointed as the online agency for Coopervision Singapore, and are working with them on building their Facebook community.


We ran a Facebook photo contest for Brietling Singapore in conjunction with the 2012 Singapore Air Show. Congratulations on the 15,000 new Likes! You guys deserve it.


We revamped their online presence and are currently appointed to spread the love across the web and social media channels of not only BreadTalk, but her sister brands as well. May the Flosss be with you.

Toast Box

As part of the BreadTalk family of brands under our care, we gave this grand tradition a facelift and a new social life, to bring a daily dose of virtual caffeine to kopi lovers everwhere.

The Icing Room

This lolita-cute new brand by BreadTalk specialises in cakes where you can Draw Something. We're putting the icing on their online presence, and have many plans for days to come. Stay tuned!

Food Republic

Singapore loves its food, and Food Republic brings the best local cuisine together into unique food atrium concepts. We brought it all together in an all new, easy to read site.


Like a good broth, Ramenplay's new website was stewed (in our heads) until it was cooked to perfection. Balancing sophisticated tradition with playful aspects, this site makes miso happy.


When creating this brand new site, our objective was to translate the experience of
Sia Huat's new kitchenware / hostware megastore into a website that balanced information and awareness creation.

Aramsa Spas

We've been working with Aramsa since their first website with us.

Among the things we enjoy are keeping their website and e-services fresh, discussing their online strategies, and enjoying their good coffee.

Girls' Brigade

We worked with
Values Venture to create this Flash e-Learning quest for the Girls' Brigade Singapore.

We conceptualised a story (with mini-games!) to get players to think about and question how their actions may affect others around them.